What is Forex Strategy?

Forex strategy is a basis of all work of the trader in the exchange market. Trade strategy represents a certain system of rules of work creation in the Forex market. The key to success are correct decisions and capability to predict correctly possible ways of situation development. Good luck is useful matter; however right choices of Forex, which shall determine strictly criteria of transaction, can bring more benefit, perfectly precisely enter the time of the transaction beginning and completion.

Forex trade and investment systems are considered to be the main strategy. A strategy choice for the specific trader is not a simple case. One of the major choice parameters is time. There are, of course, fans of trading, especially using mobile devices, ready to trade round the clock. The rest should choose for optimum time of day, days of the week.

The psychological portrait of the trader has important impact on the choice of strategy. Knowing yourself you will unmistakably choose the tool appropriate to you. Those who are too emotional should choose strategy which compensates probability of adoption of the hasty decisions leading to mistakes. Those traders who have a slowed-down reaction, strategy using long-term elements suit more.

Except objective and scientifically based criteria you shouldn’t forget about intuition. Try “to feel deeply” the strategy; perhaps, something that it isn’t pleasant to you, breaks your comfort is just a signal of subconsciously felt mistake.